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About Us

We are Expat Houses, a team specialised on moving to Spain

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This is not a Real Estate Agency. This company has been created by ®Expat Agency, which is specialised in immigration and foreign affairs, to provide an exclusive service for foreigners moving to/around Spain.

In overview mode, we are a mix between a law firm and a real estate. Law firms doesn’t offer this service and real estate agencies does not know the law and/or does not provide a proper legal assistance.

Besides, apart from real estate, we are experts in immigration.At the moment, Expat Houses only provides this service around Malaga Province, but we will expand into the rest of Spain.

What does EXPAT HOUSES do for you?

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Market Research

We do a market research to find your dream home from direct owners and real estate.

Visits To The Properties

We visit the best properties with you, advising, translating…

Full legal support

Before, during and after the purchase of the property.

Post-Sale Assistance

Full post-sale assistance (suppliers, schooling, registration, etc.)

Notary Assistance

Notarial deed, record of the property, translating, etc.

0% | we just charge you a small registration Fee

That we give you back if you purchase a property through us.

About Expat Agency

A Recognised Relocation Office in Spain

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A professional team focused on Expats

An attorney, a teacher, an assistant and a former offical are the best mix to form a team to help Expats in Spain. That was the main reason to choose a name as

You can find several british, french, american and russian companies and workers in Spain offering to help you. However, the most of them belong to a Real Estate company, or they have some kind of partnership.

We have no relation, or agreement with any Real State company in Spain. In fact, our aim is to help our customers by trying to find the best deal for them.

Furthermore, nobody may help you in Spain more efficiently than us. Why? Because most of us are native Spanish from Spain used to working with/for foreigners. Some compatriots from your country may understand you very well, but they will never be able to advise you as well as a Spanish who studied, grew up and knows Spain, Spanish people and it’s rules.

We are a transparent and professional team

Get the best of real estates and law firms at the same time.
We can provide you with the best of each side, as well as our experience in expatriation.

Full Buying Assistance

We look for properties all around the market according to our clients’ requests and ask the commission to the direct owners or real estate agencies. (*) There is just a small refundable research or package fee that we give you back after the purchase.

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Market Research & Assistance

We will provide you with a list of properties sold directly by the owners. These will follow a criteria you have previously given us. Then we will visit them and advise you which is the best for you.

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Always & Only On Your Side

Can the Real Estate agencies say the same? We will just look forward to your interest and preferences.

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Free Attorney & Notary Fees

Usually attorneys charge 1,5% of the selling price. Notary charges amount to around 600-875€. We pay their fees (only for properties over 180.000€)

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And Even More: Relocation Services

As a relocation company, Expat Agency assists you before, during and after the signing of the contract. These services include registration, permits, schooling, suppliers, etc.

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Exclusive For Expatriates

Since this is a service provided by Expat Agency, our main clients are expats living in or who want to live in Costa del Sol.

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