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Just choose one of our packages and remember: we will give you back the money after purchasing the property through us.

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Market Research
We will provide you with a list of properties sold directly by the owners. These will follow a criteria you have previously given us. Then we will visit them and advise you which may be the best option for you.
Attorney & Notary Fees
Usually law firms charge 1,5 per cent of the sale price. Notary charges amount to around 600-875€. We pay their fees*.
(*) For properties over 180.000€ without intermediates.
Relocation Services
As a relocation company, Expat Agency assists you before, during and after the signing of the contract. These services include registration, permits, schooling, suppliers, etc.
Find more than the typical 15%
Did you know that FOREIGNERS are only able to FIND the 15% of the PROPERTIES for sale? So usually they conform with one of the few properties they get to visit.

The best of law firms, the best of real estates.
Even better, it is FREE

What does a real estate usually do for you?

List of Properties

They only offer you the properties whose owner they have an agreement with.

Visits To The Properties

They show you the properties they have.

No Legal Support

Or at least not for free.

No After-Sales Assistance

Suppliers registration, city council, schooling, etc.

No notary assistance

And no tax advice, unless you hire your own attorney and/or interpreter.

They charge from 4% to 7,5% to the owner/buyer or in same cases both of them

What does a LAW FIRM usually do for you?

No properties to offer

Of course.

No visits to the Properties

In order to advice you about the area and provide you an objective perspective.

Legal Support

Paying around 1,5% of the property sale price.

No After-Sales Assistance

Suppliers registration, city council, schooling, etc.

Notary assistance

Accompanying you at the time of the signature at the notary office.

they charge from 1% to 1,5% to each part

What does EXPAT HOUSES do for you?

Expat Houses Malaga Logo

Market Research

We do a market research to find your dream home from direct owners and real estate.

Visits To The Properties

We visit the best properties with you, advising, translating…

Full legal support

Before, during and after the purchase of the property.

Post-Sale Assistance

Full post-sale assistance (suppliers, schooling, registration, etc.)

Notary Assistance

Notarial deed, record of the property, translating, etc.

0% | we just charge you a small registration Fee

That we give you back if you purchase a property through us.

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