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Question about Expat Houses

In comparison to real estate agencies, we do not have a list of properties for sale. We look for properties all around the market according to our clients’ requests and ask the commission to the direct owners or real estate agencies.

Yes, it is. The Owner, The Real Estate Or The Seller Pays Us.

We just charge a small registration or package fee that we give you back once you have found the final property with us.

This is not a Real Estate Agency. This company has been created by Expat Agency, which is specialised in immigration and foreign affairs, to provide an exclusive service for foreigners moving to/around Spain.

In overview mode, we are a mix between a law firm and a real estate. Law firms doesn’t offer this service and real estate agencies does not know the law and/or does not provide a proper legal assistance. Besides, apart from real estate, we are experts in immigration.

Please check our Inquiry Form page to follow the instructions and steps to hire our services.

You may also contact us if you prefer.

We offer 3 different packages  in order to distinguish between our different ways of work:

  1. BASIC: this is just in case you may be  interested in one of the properties we have already found, for example, from the Top-10 monthly properties. No registration fee.
  2. STANDARD: our main package. It is the main way to hire our services in order to find you a good property. There is a small registration fee and we guarantee a list of 15 properties according to your main preferences.
  3. RELOCATION: this is the typical service foro a “relocation agency”. We receive you in Spain, host you and visit the properties with you.

Every package includes a full buying assistance.*

You can check our packages clicking here.

Yes, you do. However, the basic package only involves to sign a form about your , a future agreement in case you buy one of the provided properties, your personal details and the data protection laws.

We will only refund you the package fees in case you finally buy one of the properties we visit with you. Nevertheless, in case of the basic package, there is no involved fee, since we only provide you a list of properties we already found like any real estate agency.

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Yes, you can. Actually we will  be glad to work with him to ensure a successful purchase of the property.

Question about the properties

There is no minimum sale price to hire our services. But towards getting our full buying assistance, the final sale price of the property cannot be under 180.000€.

There are many issues, especially legal issues, you may not notice when buying a property in Spain, like:

  • Title Deed
  • No Encumbrance Certificate
  • Sale Deed
  • Master Plan
  • No House Plan Approval
  • No Agriculture to Non-Agricultural Land
  • No Conversion Certificate
  • No Land Use Certificate
  • Debts
  • Charges
  • Levies
  • Etc.

At the moment (mid 2020) we only cover Malaga Province (Costa del Sol).

Yes, we do. Please contact us for further information about this specific type of service.

Yes, you do. The type of tax will depend on your tax situation in Spain, property  characteristics and other circumstances.

Yes, you can. It may be more difficult, especially if you are not a resident in Spain, but it is possible and we have got some of them in the past (and we still do).

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